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Follow That Grape Series - Malbec/Merlot

  • Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel 107 6th Street Pittsburgh, PA, 15222 United States (map)

Malbec/ Merlot- regardless of what Paul Giamatti told you over a decade ago, if anyone doesn’t order merlot this week I'm leaving! Merlot is like your senior prom date, it’s a soft dance partner that is full of beauty and is sure to make the night exciting 😉, but unlike your prom date Merlot will not disappoint you and run off with your cousin… sorry for the personal reflection… this is the star of some of the best wines in the world will leave you speechless once you give it another chance. Showing it with Malbec this week is to differentiate the often confused grapes.  By the end of this week we hope you call back your old prom date and tell him or her, “you know what, i'm happy you left me years ago, and now i'm glad I found your friend."


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