Every month, we will announce the Taste the Picks, a selection of spectacular yet sensibly prices wines  to enhance your meals and entertaining.  Click HERE for this month's Picks.

Rules of the Game

In order for you to “Taste Great Wines,” our picks are a selection of wines available in the PLCB system. If it is near Thanksgiving, we may pick a wine that goes with turkey. If it’s getting warm outside, we may pick a light crisp wine that can go nicely while sitting on the deck, a “Summer Wine” as it may. Or it may be a wine that Pete tripped over and finds delightful.

The Price of our Picks will vary. Most of the time, we will make selections that are “affordable.” There is an ocean of very good wines at affordable prices. Every now and then, we will pick a wine that is a “splurge” wine.

Our Picks will always include the PLCB numeric wine code. This code may not that helpful if you are looking for a garden variety California Cabernet.  But if we pick a Chateau Beaucastel Chateauneuf de Pape Rouge as the selection, he not sure if he could pronounce that properly. But if Pete goes to a store and asks “Do you have any eighteen eight (18861) sixty one?” They’ll punch it into the system – yeah, we have 9 - “ok, I’ll take 2” and you’re out the door.

More often than not, we'll include a little geography – where in the world did this wine come from.

More often than not, we'll include the Winemakers Tasting Notes – what’s this wine  supposed to taste like. 

More often than not, we will reference to The Wine Seminar where this wine was a selection, to provide a “category” of where this wine fits in your selection repertoire

More often than not, we'll include a suggestion of the type of food that works well with this wine.

More often than not, we'll even include a description of the grape, if it is an obscure one.

Not all wines are in all stores, so a phone call may save you a trip.

You get the idea. So keep checking "Taste the Picks" so that you can “Taste Great Wines.”

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Taste Great Wines