Taste Great Wines


Taste great wines was created in 2007 to make learning about wine fun and approachable. We strive to create events, seminars and classes to convey our love and appreciation of terrific wines across the world, to you.  While our blog is new, our business is the culmination of years of tasting, analyzing and encouraging others to venture into this fabulous world of wine.

We do not have any affiliation with a winery, store or distributor which allows us to be unbiased in our views. As always, wines are subjective when it comes to tasting. What we may love, you may not and that’s ok. It’s part of the joy in what we do.

Our latest collaboration is with the Pittsburgh Wine Festival, as their primary educator. We strive to bring in as many guest instructors as we can, realizing that everyone has a different perspective. That’s a good thing! There is lots right and not so much wrong with tasting and learning about wine. Above all, it’s fun!


​Tastegreatwines Staff